Recent Mergers and Acquisitions in 2021

Aug 8, 2021

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Recent Mergers and Acquisitions, recent M&A

As the world is getting back on its feet after the global pandemic, more companies are willing to unite forces. Even though 2020 was the year in which the world stood still, there have been a couple of significant mergers. It seems that this year there will be even more unexpected mergers and acquisitions news.

What companies have struck deals together? Let’s find out in our list of recent mergers and acquisitions below.

1. Hitachi acquires GlobalLogic for $9.6B

Hitachi is a well-known Japanese technology company. To develop even better products, they need to broaden their scope. To do that, they acquired the digital product engineering company GlobalLogic, which will help in taking another step into the future. 

Through the 40% of new employees working from India, Hitachi can amplify their capabilities in new markets. GlobalLogic worked with Volvo, HP, and Adobe, so there is a possibility to establish new relationships thanks to the merger.

2. Dropbox acquires DocSend for $165M

Dropbox is a service that needs no introduction. One of the leading online storage solutions, a direct competitor to Google Drive, wants to improve its services. The creators of Dropbox know that security is important in file-sharing, and this is why they acquired DocSend. 

DocSend is a secure data-sharing platform. Sharing documents is as easy as sending a link, and you can always update the version of the document. It comes as no surprise that Dropbox would be interested in acquiring such a company, to enhance and make their sharing tactics more secure and efficient.

3. Citrix acquired Wrike for $2.25B

This one is most related to the virtual data room niche out of all the recent mergers and acquisitions. Citrix is known for its safe online file repositories, and the acquisition of Wrike will make a difference in the way they operate.

Wrike helps businesses manage their workflow. They provide their users with reports, show the impact of their work, and encourage transparency of projects. This, combined with the solutions that Citrix provides, seems like a perfect combination for all your organizational needs.

4. Microsoft acquired RiskIQ for $500M

Microsoft solutions help the world with everything computer-related. Even though Mac computers seem to be more popular than Windows computers, Microsoft software is used by 4 times more people. Data security for those users is a key component of Microsoft’s mission, so the acquisition of RiskIQ, a cybersecurity company, is a step towards enhancing their security. 

Specializing in cyberattack prevention, RiskIQ is a well-known service provider that has helped many companies, including Box, BMW, and Facebook. Thanks to this merger, the safety of future Windows iterations is more certain.

5. Boomi parts ways with Dell for $4B

Boomi has helped to simplify digital processes, helping Dell organize their digital transformation. They merged forces in 2010, and after over ten years of hand-in-hand cooperation, it was the perfect time to part ways. 

The company was sold to Francisco Partners and TPG Capital. The intelligent data solutions that Boomi provides will help in the further development of those two companies, fueling many investment strategies.

6. Tink Visa bought Tink for $2.15B

Sticking with a financial theme, another one out of many recent merger and acquisitions deals involved Visa. This leading payment solution company acquired Tink, a business that deals with smart financial services. 

Having worked with companies such as PayPal, Nordea, and American Express, they are a positive addition to the range of services offered by Visa. This acquisition means a lot for the future of electronic fund transfers. 

7. Hyundai buys majority a stake in Boston Dynamics for $880M

Out of all the recent mergers and acquisitions news, this one took us by surprise. Hyundai is a well-recognized car manufacturer, and through its latest deal with Boston Dynamics, it wants to branch out into the world of even more courageous innovation. Having paid $880M for a controlling stake in the company, they are sure to surprise the world with inventions outclassing even the Boston Dynamic robotic dog Spot.  

As the company has changed hands three times over the past couple of years, it is exciting to see what the engineers from both companies will manage to do together. Will they create something that will change the world of cybernetics? We will need to wait and see.

8. Microsoft bought Nuance for $19.4B

When it comes to world-changing technologies, Microsoft wants to take part in developing them too. Nuance is a technology company that provides artificial intelligence and speech recognition software. They cater to the healthcare industry, as the Nuance services helped in data management and optimizing workflow. 

This, in turn, means that Microsoft may be thinking about upgrading their own Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare service. Combining the forces of these two companies to serve the healthcare sector is one of the best outcomes one can imagine.

9. Amazon Web Services buys Wickr 

Unfortunately, the financials of this transaction were not disclosed to the public. AWS is a branch of Amazon that deals with everything web-related, and Wickr is a business that operates in end-to-end encryption and communication security.

As more and more of our work is done remotely, ensuring that there is no data leak in important information while communicating with team members is crucial. AWS wants to keep all its messaging and communications secure and be able to provide the service to its customers.

10. Square bought Tidal for $297M

To finish our list of recent mergers and acquisitions off, let’s take a look at one more deal. Tidal is a music streaming service founded in 2013 and taken over by Jay-Z two years later. After Square’s acquisition, Jay-Z will still play an active role in platform development. 

Artists want to get paid for their work, and through mergers like this, more opportunities arise. Square will take care of their project and encourage creators to submit their music to Tidal. 


2020 has been a year during which many mergers and acquisitions occurred. Even though the world is standing still, companies need to find a way to survive — and join forces. 

After such a nerve-wracking year, 2021 seems like it is on the right track to match or even overtake the amount of M&As that took place in 2020. And we are only halfway through the year!