Intralinks SS&C Acquisition Overview and Insights

Jun 28, 2021

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On September 6, 2018, a financial services software provider SS&C Technologies, acquired Intralinks Holdings Inc., a collaboration technology company, from the Siris Capital Group. The Intralinks acquisition transaction led to immediate positive dynamics in the development of both parties.

Intralinks acquisition in numbers 

The Intralinks SS&C acquisition was completed on November 16, 2018, merging the companies’ substantial staff and client bases. The total purchase price of $1.5 billion included $1 billion in cash and $500 million in stock, with the share price averaged from the 30-day pre-close period.

  • Insight: According to Yahoo Finance, the adjusted close of SSNC ranged between $45.59 and $51.26 per share in October-November 2018.

Intralinks Inc added over 800 global employees to the SS&C’s 22,600 person team and offered access to 90,000 clients in new and shared market segments.

Intralinks Holdings revenue in 2017, the year prior to the transaction, was $303 million with an adjusted EBITDA of $115 million. Intralinks’ stock price averaged $10.26 over their independent market presence period, reaching an all-time high of $31.76 in April 2011, as per historical reports

Intralinks Inc. overview 

Intralinks Inc was founded in 1996 in New York, NY as an application service provider. The company offers products and services across multiple sectors, including corporate M&A, banking, and alternative investments.

The product line of Intralinks Holdings includes a collaborative deal management platform, an AI due diligence tool, and Dealspace data room software for complex transactions.

  • What is Intralinks: A technology company that focuses on developing highly secure collaboration instruments, such as virtual data rooms.

SS&C overview 

SS&C was established in 1986 in Windsor, CT, and grew into one of the world’s largest investment and finance software companies. SS&C caters to organizations in banking, healthcare, insurance, and more.

Over the years, SS&C acquired 26 companies, including the Intralinks acquisition in 2018, primarily in technology and financial segments.

The SS&C brand product line features tools for data management, accounting, portfolio management, employee benefits administration, and more.

  • Who is SS&C?: A global fintech provider with a presence in 40 countries and solutions for multiple industries.

Why did SS&C acquire Intralinks? 

When Intralinks acquired SS&C, it further strengthened its market presence and grew more equipped to serve large clients in the shared segments, such as banking and alternative investments.

According to Bill Stone, Chairman and CEO of SS&C Technologies, Intralinks Inc introduced plenty of opportunities with the necessary leadership and expertise in data sharing and online collaboration.

Leif O’Leary, the now-former CEO of Intralinks Holdings, also pointed out that the acquisition was an anticipated progress milestone on the company’s mission to deliver the utmost value to their clients.

The post-acquisition Intralinks SS&C targets alternative funds, major banks, and other large-scale companies that require streamlined, automated solutions for dealing with excessive document loads and collaborating in a secure environment. 

Intralinks acquisition outlook 

The Intralinks SS&C acquisition is serving both companies on multiple levels. Combining the expertise areas and influence of the two organizations will continuously lead to:

  • Increased trust among high-grade clients
  • More potential user audiences
  • Advanced internal productivity and technological innovations
  • Key roles in global M&A cycles
  • Improved long-term market performance

As per Frank Baker, co-founder and managing partner at Siris Capital, the previous owner of Intralinks Holdings, the Intralinks team has invested a tremendous amount of effort into delivering their strategic vision and generating substantial profits under the former ownership. Judging from the company’s history, it’s safe to say that this dynamic is very likely to be pursued.

Intralinks acquisition summary

Intralinks acquisition that transpired on November 16, 2018, is a great addition to SS&C’s family of companies. Now operating under the brand name SS&C Intralinks, the provider has gained the trust of numerous prominent clients by leveraging SS&C’s abundant product line.