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DFIN Acquires Guardum to Strengthen Global Data Privacy

With the increase of data flowing over the internet, the risk of security breaches increases. Since advertisers trade personal information, a company’s important documents need to be shared securely to avoid data leaks. However, without precautionary measures like secure passwords, two-factor authentication, encryption, anti-malware, and ad blocking tools, the internet is still a wild and […]

What changes for customers after the acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox?

On March 22, 2021, the file-hosting company Dropbox concluded the acquisition of DocSend, a secure document-sharing platform used by 17,000 clients worldwide. The acquisition is intended to expand on Dropbox’s product offer and increase the already-existing integration between the two platforms.  Perspectives of the acquisition Following Dropbox’s acquisition of DocSend, there haven’t been immediate changes […]

Top 2021 Mergers: What Companies Merged in 2021?

A large number of M&A deals in 2021 helped boost record buyout figures —  exceeding $5 trillion. Perhaps this indicates the adaptation of global business to new rules. Large domestic transactions prevailed, but large international mergers helped increase figures. Reuters reports that America led M&A activity in 2021, accounting for about half of the total. […]

Firmex Data Room Software Updates 2021

Throughout 2021, the Firmex data room provider incorporated many software updates, which shows that the company is constantly improving its product to meet and exceed customer expectations.   February updates Improved viewer and easier navigation between the spreadsheets The viewing of Excel files in the data room is an important aspect of the overall user experience. […]

M&A Deals Hit $5 Trillion in 2021. What to Expect in 2022?

Nestle, Microsoft, Amazon, Pfizer, PayPal — you probably know all these outstanding players in the international business arena. But why mention them? Because all of these organizations were involved in high-value 2021 M&A deals.  Because 2021 reached a staggering $5T in M&A deals, let’s see what the future holds for 2022. Booming M&A activity 2021: […]

Diligent Acquires Brainloop: The Reasons and Perspectives Behind the Merger

These two companies have a history, so there are many reasons why they started the acquisition process to complete this deal. However, potential business growth is still the leading factor for joining forces. Is this why the American governance software provider Diligent acquired a German security platform, Brainloop? Whatever the reason, how does this alliance […]

Global Virtual Data Room Market Size to Double by 2026

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Last September, the online research platform Research and Markets released a report forecasting that the global market size for online data room software will go from USD 1.6 billion in 2021 to USD 3.2 billion by 2026. The main reasons for this growth are the shift to online business due to COVID-19 and the expected […]

Ansarada Acquires TriLine GRC to Accelerate Growth in the $52.5B GRC Market

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Governance, risk management, and compliance are all business concerns. If a company struggles to keep up with one of those, the other two will suffer. This is why companies like TriLine GRC help businesses. In addition, they will now have access to even a broader clientele after being acquired by Ansarada. Why did they want […]