Ansarada Acquires TriLine GRC to Accelerate Growth in the $52.5B GRC Market

Oct 25, 2021

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Governance, risk management, and compliance are all business concerns. If a company struggles to keep up with one of those, the other two will suffer. This is why companies like TriLine GRC help businesses. In addition, they will now have access to even a broader clientele after being acquired by Ansarada.

Why did they want to merge forces, and what will be the result of their joint effort?

Who is Ansarada?

Ansarada is a company founded in 2005 on a deep belief in simplicity. A software developer and two accountants wanted to simplify the world of M&A deals. This was when they came up with a service that could add to the yet developing virtual data room market. Since then, they have dealt with over 24,000 transactions worldwide.

Who is TriLine GRC?

TriLine GRC offers its services to companies that want to develop a better understanding of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). This company works on usable, custom solutions that work in a variety of circumstances. They are developing new methodologies through continuous research. Based on the Three Lines of Defence principle, TriLine GRC employs its strategies in any business environment. 

Reasons for the merger

The first reason for the merger is that the GRC services are still a newer, developing market. The first scientific research concluded in that space was done in 2007. Secondly, both TriLine GRC and Ansarada deal with similar business clients, which is why this merger is a natural step forward in the development process of Ansarada. 

The founders of both companies are looking for ways to broaden their reach and provide their clients with a wider range of services. Through the acquisition of TriLine GRC, Ansarada will be able to provide their outstanding virtual data rooms combined with implementing GRC’s best strategies. 

Benefits and perspectives for the future 

TriLine GRC has a well-established position in the GRC industry. With over 140% sales growth over the past five years, they are heading towards more difficult challenges. This is visible in the future inclusion of over 10 new modules to the Ansarada data room that will help implement the GRC methodology. 

The goal of this acquisition is to put in place the strategies that TriLine GRC employs into the dashboard of an Ansarada user. This results in simpler risk management, implementation of GRC and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategies, and easier access to important data by the board and the managerial team. 

With all those simplifications put into practice, Ansarada, as one of the largest data room providers, will turn into a more balanced and multifaceted tool helping businesses with different aspects of their operations. 

The acquisition of TriLine GRC is a necessary step forward in the words of Ansarada CEO, Sam Riley:

“In today’s world, organizations must improve their risk management, audit, compliance, and broader GRC and ESG practices. It is exciting to expand our product solutions with a comprehensive GRC platform that enables organizations to gain visibility, improve performance and reduce the cost of their compliance and risk management activities.”


In a changing business landscape, it is difficult to take care of all the different problems a company encounters. Raising capital, conducting large M&A deals, or other business-related activities is stressful without the right platform. Working with a variety of tools shifts the focus from the problem to the best-suited software solution. Through mergers like Ansarada and TriLine GRC, platforms are forming all-encompassing services and making strides in old and novel industries.